There are 71 participating nations at the 2014 Commonwealth Games with approximately 4,500 competing athletes making it one of the largest commonwealth games staged to date. Game Highlights will be aired on weekdays at 3pm only on Fiji One.


Fiji One News

Fiji One News is Fiji Television's premiere news and sports flagship program.

It is also the highest rated local program on Fiji Television for the past 20 years, airing daily LIVE at 6pm.

What started out as a simple 30 minute news and sports bulletin is today a national and regional news service spanning 12 countries in the Pacific with a one hour bulletins from Mondays to Fridays and half an hour news bulletins on Saturdays and Sundays.

"Always Something Good to Come Home to"


PGA Fiji International

The Fiji International will be held at Fiji’s premier golf resort, the picturesque “Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa” in Natadola Bay. The Intercontinental course is regarded as one of the best golf course in the Pacific Region. 2014 will be the inaugural tournament with this event sure to grow into the future and become the new jewel in the OneAsia crown.

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Prince of Persia

The Sands of Time

King Sharaman of Persia and his son, known only as the Prince, pass through India en route to Azad and conquer a city with the aid of the local Maharajah's traitorous Vizier. During the battle the Prince seeks to win honour and glory in his first battle and heads straight to the Maharajah's treasure vaults, where he discovers the mythical Sands of Time safely contained within their Hourglass and the Dagger of Time, which he quickly learns can turn back time a short amount. .

Premiers Saturday 2nd August at 7.30pm.

The “normal” suburban life for a group of close-knit housewives takes a dark turn when one of their closest friends mysteriously commits suicide. Now while trying to deal with their own hectic problems and romantic lives, each year brings on a new mystery and more dark and twisted events to come. Life behind closed doors is about to be revealed as suburban life takes a funny and dark turn. Premiers 3rd August at 10pm.Read More

The series revolves around a trio of estranged siblings: Henry, an overachieving surgeon with an overabundant ego; Chloe, a former child mathematical prodigy who became popular in high school and abandoned academia (and her friends) for a career as a struggling actress; and Jimmy, a career petty criminal with a string of convictions who has to sneak into his pre-teen daughter's bedroom at night to visit her. Read More

Chakravyuh is the story of two best friends: Adil (Arjun Rampal) and Kabir (Abhay Deol). Adil Khan, a highly decorated police officer is posted to Nandighat, after a horrifying massacre of 84 policemen. Within days, he discovers that the Maoists, led by the ruthless and charismatic Rajan (Manoj Bajpai), effectively control the area. Premiers Saturday 2nd August at 1pm.



The beginning of the season presents the aftermath of a terrorist attack committed by Abu Nazir’s people. Read More


This is a patriotic and thought-provoking drama about five military spouses who share friendship, secrets, home and heartache.Read More


Park Jung-geum is far from what is conventionally considered “beautiful.” Read More


The Amazing Race is a reality television game show in which teams of two people. Read More


The second season of Body of Proof, an American television series created by Christopher Murphey. Read More


Agent Phil Coulson puts together a small team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle strange new cases. Read More



Back in Time is a new programme that showcases Fiji’s audio visual history.Read More


This is a lifestyle television show which looks at 1) health, 2) fitness,3) food 4) lifestyle issues…Read More


Take a rare inside look at what makes our very own Fijian Super Rugby heroes tick at this very high level of rugby. Read More


Showcasing the musical likes of local and regional artists looking for a platform to push home grown pacific music.Read More


A weekly entertainment show for kids of all ages, Get Set is focused on providing the best educational information, cartoons, sing-a-longs and story time… Read More


Music Masti is the perfect spot for all-age groups’ choice – young to old – as it is the storehouse of different genre of songs. Read More


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