5 Police Officers charged in November


odppFive police officers are among the 67 people who were charged with a total of 59 counts of separate incidents in November.
This is the report released by the Offiice of the Director of Public Prosecution.

One police officer was charged with one count of theft for allegedly stealing a radio and amplifier from a car amounting to $500. Two police officers were charged with one count of assault causing actual bodily harm of a 23 year old man in the Northern Division.

In another matter, one police officer was charged with assisting a prisoner at large. He is alleged to have assisted a prisoner to evade police custody after the prisoner’s court appearance.

Another police officer was charged with dangerous driving for allegedly driving a motor vehicle in a dangerous manner which collided into another police vehicle causing damage of $12,000.

Three juveniles were also charged with aggravated robbery,  aggravated burglary and theft offences.

In  another incident,  a 21 year old mother was charged with one count of manslaughter arising from breach of duties.

She is alleged to have left the victim and her two children in a house that caught fire. A one year old girl died as a result. Three  cases  were  withdrawn after discontinuances  were  filed.

One case was withdrawn after  the  victim  returned  to  Indonesia  without  any  point  of  contact  while  two other cases were withdrawn due to insufficient evidence

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