Agriculture ministry reviews assistance scheme

By: Apisalome Rabo


Farm 2The Animal Health and Production Division of  the Agriculture Ministry has commenced an assessment of farming assistance given out to farmers last year.

In doing so the  Ministry is visiting as many farmers possible around the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture is already carrying out an assessment of how the Farming Assistance Scheme was used last year.

Speaking at the Feed Bill consultation this week, Tuinabuna says, trips to the North, West and here in the central division have has already been made.

“We know there’s still quite a lot of room for improvement and I believe because we have commitments from the start of the year but I would think by now, people should be getting back to their own pace and starting to go into the schedule that they have we normally have work plans, and schedule with our farmers and that’s what we normally follow up with,” said Tomasi Tuinabuna, Director, Animal Health and Livestock Division.

Tuinabuna believes, the whole purpose is to see how farming communities are working towards upgrading the Agriculture sector.

“And the agriculture development is centered around where we have access roads; all development works are coordinated through the Ministry and the Ministry provides assistance in terms of funding for the infrastructure development; funding for breeding programs; for installation of water systems; damage and irrigation programs”

And farmers Tuinabuna says, are already improvising on new farming methods

“Yes we were up in Naitasiri lately; they are into harvesting their green ginger now; I am quite sure there will be some very good harvest this year and we also have programs for Vanilla development; I am also sure a lot of traditional crops will be planted this year”

Tuinabuna adds the Ministry is confident it will work within the provision of the budget allocated to them from government this year.

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