Alleged serial rapist speaks on crime scene in police video

By: Filipe Naikaso


The crime scene in relation to the murder and rape of a 14 year old girl in Pacific Harbour was revisited today as police presented a video to the Suva High Court.

The video shows Josua Colanaudolu telling the Police Officers where he had committed the alleged offenses.

Into its 5th day of the trial, the Suva High court was shown the crime scene video which was recorded by police.

The video shows Colanaudolu describing to the police what transpired.

Colanaudolu who is handcuffed took the police officers to where he met the 14 year old girl, he described to the Police how he attacked her and carried her to the beach at Pacific Harbour.

He also told the police where he raped the girl on the beach.

The Court was also told by Detective Sergeant Sakiusa Jitoko that at no time did anyone threaten Colanaudolu.

Meanwhile, the doctor who had medically examined Colanaudolu told the court that the accused had tenderness on his left chest but with no bruises.

Anasalini Tabu also told the court that after conducting an x ray on the accused, everything was normal.

However defence lawyer Michael Fesaitu asked Tabua based on her medical opinion could the injuries be caused by blunt force trauma.

Tabua responded yes.

Josua Colanaudolu is facing one count of murder, 6 counts of rape, 4 counts of abduction, and one count of indecently annoying a female.

The trial will continue tomorrow.

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