ANZ launches new, more secure chip credit cards


ANZ chip cc launch, 12 April 2017 ANZ Fiji Country Head Saud Minam with Project Manager Tomasi Toganivalu, left, and ANZ Fiji Head of Digital Channels, Apenisa SeniloliANZ today announced the launch of its new, more secure chip credit cards for customers in Fiji.

“We’re committed to continuously improving our products and services for our customers, and today we’re excited to launch this new product that aligns to global security standards,” ANZ Fiji Country Head, Saud Minam, said.
Mr Minam explained that a credit card with a security chip is more secure than one with just the magnetic strip on the back of the card, as the security chip makes it more difficult to fraudulently copy the credit card details.
“Chip technology is fast becoming the global standard for card security,” Mr Minam said. “In Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia, it is already being widely used and has proven to be effective in preventing fraud.”
The new chip credit cards are available for ANZ Visa Classic, Visa Business Card, MasterCard Gold and MasterCard SPB Gold.
Mr Minam added that customers must still be diligent with safeguarding their banking information.
“Please keep PINs confidential, change them regularly, never lend your credit cards to others and make sure online purchases are only via reputable websites,” Mr Minam urged.
ANZ customers can expect to have their credit cards replaced with the new chip-enabled cards when they are reissued on expiry or when new credit card accounts are opened. Customers may also request an early upgrade to the chip-enabled cards by visiting their nearest ANZ branch or contacting the ANZ Card Help Desk on 3316644 to order one.  
ANZ also launched Visa Debit Cards in Fiji last year – also chip-enabled – providing customers another safe, convenient and more secure option for local, international and online payments. 
Mr Minam added that ANZ remained committed to continuously improving its products and services to customers in Fiji, including through personal and home loans, while encouraging a savings culture under its responsible lending agenda.
“We want to help our customers thrive, and that could be by helping young professionals buy their first home or investment property, or helping a customer save more for their future,” Mr Minam said. “Whether you’re a civil servant or work in the private sector or own your own business, you meet our lending criteria, we want to do business with you,” he said.


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