Australia and Fiji mend relations

By: Mika Loga


10712996_855554241144179_7885848632377206593_nToday’s visit by Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop should mark the beginning of new political and economic ties with our biggest trading partner.

Bishop’s two day official visit also coincides with fresh attempts by both Governments to press the re-set button – post elections.

Over the next 48 hours, she will be meeting Government and business leaders to discuss exactly how both countries can go about achieving that.

The visiting Australian Foreign Minister’s visit is more than just a symbolic gesture.

This is also her first time back – after general elections, marking a fresh start to both diplomatic and economic ties between both countries.

“We discussed the success of  the elections. I congratulated him hi  on how Fiji’s conducted the elections..I was pleased that Australia was able to co-lead a multi-national Observer Group for the elections and that they has been very positive with the way the elections were conducted.”

While Fiji’s relationship with Australia is not fully restored, today’s meeting could just see more positive steps taken in the direction.

“The PM and I then spoke about a number of ways we can normalise the relationship with Australia and Fiji and we were agreeing on a number of new initiatives, so very positive.”

Today’s talks has also see’s the re-setting of ties on all levels between both countries.

“Now the two governments will together trade in building relationships, economy, in defence cooperation and also ensuring our young people can spend time in each others very much positive environment.”

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