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As of Monday August 31st 2015, Breakfast at Fiji One launched its new set along with new programme features to mark its first year on air. Being the first show of its kind in Fiji and in the region, there was a need to refresh its 1 hour format by introducing new features and segments to keep its viewers engaged, informed and entertained every weekday morning.

Part of the new formatting was a need to keep our viewers informed with the latest news in the mornings. Now starting at 6am weekdays, a half an hour news segment featuring stories from Fiji, Pacific & the World to the latest Business & Sports is being presented by the Breakfast crew.

Local News – we lead off with news of importance to Fiji

Pacific News – Highlighting news from our Pacific neighbours including Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and more

World News – Find out what’s happening abroad with the latest World News Headlines


Business News – keeping business people informed from trade news to the latest stock exchange in Fiji & the World

Sports News – Covering both local and international sports news from any sport

Weather Update – Be informed on how your day will turn out with our weather update for Fiji and the region

Out & About

Travel with us to some of the most beautiful places in Fiji in our Out & About travel segments where we highlight places to go with local fun activities to do. Targeted towards locals it’s a travel info segment that updates the adventurer on things to do and see in Fiji.

Let’s Talk

Invited guests share and address issues or topics of interest. This is simply light talk for the morning rather than serious. The interviews are informative, interesting & fun.

Fashion Friday

This is a general overview of fashion in Fiji and the Pacific where we invite on the show known or up and coming designers to give our viewers realistic tips on what’s in style. We also cover fashion on a wider scope from fashion in the workplace or simply dressing up accordingly.

Smart Talk

Fun yet educational, idioms are interesting to use in our everyday conversations and also is interesting to note how far back these classic sayings were used and more importantly its origin.

On The Bright Side

Your mornings couldn’t be complete with a bit of laughter. We bring you funny videos of people, situations and even animals to get your stomachs rolling out with laughter.

What’s On the Box?

If it’s a weekend indoors then this is your TV guide to what’s showing on Fiji One & Sky Pacific for the weekend. Keeping you informed on that next big rugby game or a must watch movie or series that’s coming up in the weekend.

Health Segment

This segment allows for the Health Ministry to come in and talk about health issues and also highlights topical issues on this subject inclusive of health tips and health news from around the pacific.

Top 5 Box Office Movies

Every week on Wednesday we showcase the latest blockbuster movies that have premiered the weekend before. This segment is an insight to our viewers who might want to checkout the next big block buster at their local cinema.

Top 5 Songs

The first of our entertainment segment that starts off the week on a high on Mondays, where music lovers get a weekly update on the latest chart topping songs based on the billboard charts.

Top 5 Flashback

We wrap up the week on Fridays with familiar old classics from any era. Our top 5 flashbacks charts go as far back as the 60’s to 2000’s where viewers get a sneak peak of the charts then of classic music videos they have always heard but have never seen.

Keep Fit on Breakfast

We believe fitness together with healthy living is essential from the crib to the very elderly, it’s important to look after your health with the increase in the number of NCD’s in the pacific. This segment is dedicated to giving
ideas of exercises and routines to help keep us fit and maintain a healthy weight.

You Cook, I Eat

Quick & easy and usually fun recipes by selected professional and amateur chefs who give us ideas of different kinds of food that are cooked from local produce. Hosts get to eat and critic after the dish is prepared.

Fri-dare (New)

This is a fun way to end the week on Friday, and it is a challenge that one host will have to do depending upon who the challenge is for. The idea is to carry out a task that is fun, safe, and unusual. So Fri-dare is viewers of the breakfast show to come up with a dare that one of the presenters to undertake, keeping in mind the rules of the game being:
1. Not Dangerous
2. Not Rude
3. in a permitted public space.


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