Calls made for swimming classes to be compulsory

By: Apisalome Rabo


Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 2.09.13 PMStakeholders are now calling for the compulsory provision of swimming classes in all schools.

The Water Safety Council of Fiji and the Fiji Surfing Association say this can help control incidents of drowning.

The recent drowning incident has got authorities concerned.

” Of the 47 that drowned last year, the unfortunate victims of drowning last year…66% of that happened in the rural area but that’s not to say that we don’t need to educate our urban students as well; it needs to be across the board ” said Loabuka

Loabuka said the Ministry of Education looking forward to implementing lessons into the school curriculum.

The Water Safety Council of Fiji is equally anticipating complimenting the effort

” The Council is able to work with them in introducing some units in the class 3 curriculum so that it will teach the children about water safety; so wherever they live regardless in the rural or urban area, everyone is going to be exposed to this during their classroom learning and also the teachers if we can equip our teachers” said Philips

The Fiji Surfing Association said swimming is a life skill that must be part of the education curriculum.

” One of the things is getting the attention of the Education Ministry to put it into their curriculum, we would love to see all teachers coming out of teachers college having some kind of swim-teaching certificate and at some point in the kids life at a certain age its compulsory that they swim” said Philips

The Fiji Surfing Association has started a pilot program for children – teaching them the basics of water safety

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