Cases of child abuse are on the rise


NAIDOVI CARNIVALCases of Child Abuse are on the rise.

From January to October this year, 795 cases were reported to the Ministry of Women and Children.

This is an increase from the same period last year which recorded 725 cases.

The statistics were revealed by the Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources – Faiyaz Koya, while officiating at the Naidovi Primary School Carnival, in Cuvu Nadroga last night.

Speaking at the event, the Minister thanked the community for their continued stewardship of their vanua and the contributions towards the education of their school.

However, he highlighted the need for parents to continue to be engaged in the children’s growth.

Minister Koya also urged parents, guardians and family members to ensure the protection of children.

He said Government was concerned by the increase in the number of indecent behavior of elders towards children including rape, molesting and other forms of sexual exploitation of children.

“We come from a nation which values relationships within the family and with those around us and I urge everybody to take the responsibility to ensure that our children are protected in our homes, our communities and our nation as a whole,” he said.

The carnival will conclude on Saturday.

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