Christchurch babysitter found guilty of manslaughter









A Christchurch babysitter has been found not guilty of murdering a 1-year-old baby in January 2015, but guilty of her manslaughter.

Shayal Upashna Sami was on trial in the High Court in Christchurch, where she has denied murdering 1-year-old Aaliyah Ashlyn Chand, who was found with head fractures, internal bleeding and severe bruising.

Ms Sami – who was 18-years-old and five months pregnant at the time – said the baby was significantly injured when she fell off a couch.

Aaliyah was raced to hospital but never regained consciousness.

The verdicts came after the jury requested this afternoon to watch a video of Ms Sami arriving at the hospital with the baby.

It showed a nurse taking the infant and carrying her through the hospital, followed by Ms Sami.

Today the jury delivered a verdict of manslaughter after a two week trial. Ms Sami was tearful as the decision was translated for her.

She was granted bail and will be sentenced on 15 December.

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