Civil service reform aimed at creating more transparency


AG ROADSHOW 7Acting Prime Minister and Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum held the second round of roadshows for nurses and civil servants at the Kshatriya Hall in Suva yesterday afternoon.

The AG said the civil service reform was aimed at creating more transparency within the various government ministries and departments.

He stressed to the nurses and other civil servants present at the meet that there was no insecurity of employment because of the 5-year contracts, and that any pay increments will be performance based.

The AG answered questions and queries on the job evaluation exercise, meal allowances, overtime payment, specialised nursing, project processing and other pertinent issues in the health sector.

The AG also did a presentation on the 2017-2018 national budget, highlighting Fiji’s economic performance.

More than 300 nurses and other civil servants were present at the consultation

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