Colanaudolu confessed to raping a 17 year old girl

By: Filipe Naikaso


Screen shot 2017-05-16 at 4.51.56 PMAlleged serial rapist and murderer Josua Colanaudolu today confessed to raping a 17 year old girl in Pacific Harbour.

This was revealed in the Suva High Court today when the Police Officer who interviewed Colanaudolu read out the caution interview.

The caution interview which was conducted on the 23rd of March last year highlights Josua Colanaudolu’s confession of raping another girl in Pacific Harbour.

Police Officer Simione Nakuna told the court that Colanaudolu admitted to raping the 17 year old girl in November 2012.

Nakuna stated that the accused had picked the girl up from a drinking party and took her to his house in Pacific Harbour where he bought drinks for them.

He told the court that Colanaudolu mentioned in his caution interview that they drank some alcohol and smoked marijuana.

Nakuna stated in court that Colanaudolu admitted that he had sex with the girl.

It was also mentioned in court that Colanaudolu asked the girl to stay back so they could continue having sex. However the girl refused and wanted to go home.

Nakuna said that Colanaudolu also admitted to threatening her so that he can again have sex with her.

The interviewing officer who was reading from the caution interview said, that Colanaudolu had confessed to all these allegations that were made against him.

Colanaudolu is facing one count of murder, 6 counts of rape, 4 counts of abduction, and one count of indecently annoying a female.

The charges include the case where Colanaudolu allegedly abducted, raped and murdered a 14-year-old girl in Deuba in March last year.

The trial continues tomorrow.

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