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The Hibiscus Festival Contestants have been informed of the judging and sealing process for the week-long festival.

Chief-Auditor – Kamlesh Patel says, at the end of each night, the team leader will verify the total scores.

The contestants will be called on stage to witness the sealing process.

However, there will be certain situations which the sealing process will not be followed.

“Also, there’s going to be certain nights where we will bypass the sealing process, for example, research topic, humanitarian, talent night, the first public judging for queens where you’ll have sarong, the second public judging where you’ll have best traditional attire,” said Kamlesh Patel – Chief Auditor.

Awards for the best talent will be given to the contestant with the highest score.

tuiketei“If there is a technical glitch, or an issue, your coordinators will have a request sheet, it’s at the back, you will be allowed to redo your talent, only on a technical glitch, not because you were nervous or not because an issue happened with the way you were feeling, or the way that you feel you didn’t present well before that you should present again. It’s only a technical glitch, an example will be, the mic doesn’t work, your music stopped halfway through, so things like that, that comes under technical glitch,” said Ana Tuiketei, Judges Committee Chairperson.

A review of the score is only allowed in situations, where there are “technical” glitches during their performances.

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