Dairy farmers demand an increase in price

By: Shanal Sivan


screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-5-16-58-pmLocal dairy farmers are pleading with government to increase the price of milk per liter as running commercial farms become increasingly difficult.

Fiji Cooperative Dairy Company Limited Chief Executive Sachid Nand says the price is mainly determined by the monopoly market in Fiji.

“We have been fighting for the price of Milk, for the last 5 years or so,  the price was decreased from $1 VEP to $1 VIP, and realistically looking at it was a 15% decrease in Milk price. I am not asking for a price which is over the top i am asking for a price which is just. A just price will ensure farmers get a good price for their milk, and also have money to invest on their farms; we want investment a just price will do that.” said Nand.

A farmer is getting around 90 cents a liter if they hit a premium quality, and if they hit a lower quality the farmer will be paid around 70cents a liter.

The Farmers are suggesting $1.25 per liter to help them stay float and invest in their business.

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