Digicel assists Cyclone Gita victims in Samoa


samoaDigicel is another answer to prayers for Cyclone Gita victims in Samoa.

Relief Supplies were packed by staff, and have been distributed to heavily affected areas.

Efforts to restore communication lines to affected areas, is also something that Digicel is working on.

About two-thirds of the communication has been restored in Upolu and Savaii, and work is ongoing to restore all services in Samoa.

Additionally, public charging stations have been deployed across multiple sites, so that customers can power their phones and connect with families and friends, at home and abroad.

More than 300 cyclone relief packs of basic food ration supplies, which includes drinking water, tinned food, biscuits, noodles and rice.

Digicel have also done the same for Tonga, Chartering a 737 to deliver communication and relief supplies namely – tarps, food and first aid kits, for up to 500 families affected by TC Gita.

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