Discussions underway for Fiji Passports to the Ryan family

By: Silina Navuso


NATALIE2There’s a slight glimmer of hope that Coach Ben Ryan may seriously consider his options of staying back in Fiji.

Fiji One News understands the Immigration Department is discussing the possibility of giving Ryan and his family blue passports.

If that comes through, the Englishman will definitely re-consider his future plans.

Speaking exclusively to Fiji One News from Uprising Resort, a place he’s called home for the past three years, the Ryan says a Fijian Passport could change his plans.
And his wife Natalie does not want to leave Fiji.

“Yeah she doesn’t want to go. She always says she just follows me around..the “Bank of Ben” as she calls me. And I think the one regret she had is that you know her Visa didn’t allow her to work here.”

Not only has he accomplished what he came to do as Coach, Ben and his family, especially his wife Natalie are still coming to terms with having to leave our shores.

“I think she would have loved to have worked here. I think if she had done that and she still had a job here I think there would have been a bit more of a chance we would have stayed and laid down a family here and bought a house. If the passport comes that means suddenly she’s allowed to work here and that’s the sort of things that might mean that we have a return here.”

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