Dr Luveni stresses importance of SDG’s to Parliamentarians in Bali









Speaker of Parliament – Dr Jiko Luveni, stressed the importance of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, to promote a viable and healthier economy, with the theme – “World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development – Achieving the 2030 Agenda, through Inclusive Development”.

While addressing Members of Parliament from 49 countries congregated in Bali last week, she says that – Prominent in this role, is the mandatory requirement to analyse public input, to ensure issues pertaining to women empowerment is considered.

Dr Luveni adds the Fijian Parliament diaries and notebooks, include a page outlining all SDGs, to be used as a ‘tool’, reminding all the Members of the 17 SDGs.

This ‘tool’ is available to all MPs at all times, particularly to measure effective progress on development programs, and sufficiency of the budgets allocated.

Meanwhile, a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ was signed between the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia and Fiji – to allow the two countries to work together, and exchange knowledge and information.

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