Education Ministry to demote teachers for poor performance

By: Halitesh Datt


education 1The Ministry of Education has reminded all schools heads in the Central Division that they will not hesitate to demote under performing principals and teachers.

The tough no nonsense stance has been clearly set-out in a Ministry circular sent to all heads of schools.

This circular from the acting permanent secretary of Education was sent to all principals in the central division this week.

It sets out clearly what principals in each schools should do in order to uplift standards.

Though no schools are named in the circular – the Ministry is targeting what it says are under performing schools in the Central division.

Principals are reminded the Targeted 100% pass rate for the school at all level must be made known to students /parents and visible on the classroom notice board as well as in the main office.

The circular adds each child must be assisted by the subject teachers in setting their respective subjects targeted mark, their targeted subject marks must be noted in the inside cover page of their notes book and that Principals are to keep motivating students towards achieving the school target during every assembly.

Principals are urged to observe lessons.

The ministry saying Principals must enter the classrooms to observe teachers in their teaching and that special attention must be given on teaching methods, learning objectives, statement of learning outcomes, marking of students’ books and pace of delivery.

The Ministry also wants periodic testing of students saying in the circular trial test must be given every fortnight and students’ achievement must be acknowledged and rewarded during school assembly and that failing students must be counselled by the Principal in a special counselling session. Also under-performing teachers must be brought into the office after each trial test to explain their performance and coaching should be given by the Principal.

Other issues the Ministry wants carried out are Revision of classes each afternoon and Saturday classes are to be conducted from Term 2 and parental consent must be sought and Principals are to see that holiday assignment is given to students and parents are informed so that they can monitor the children at home.

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