Electoral Commission meets with registered political parties

By: Dreu Vukailagi


indexThe Electoral Commission met with the NFP, SODELPA, Fiji United Freedom Party and the Fiji Labour Party yesterday afternoon to allow a final opportunity to these political parties pertaining to their proposal based on the Multi-national Observer Group Report and the 2014 Electoral Commission Report.

The Electoral Commission has agreed to provide its views on the 2 reports by the end of June and that will be the final position it will take leading up to the 2018 General Election.

The Commission wants to give all voters and stakeholders an indication of its stand on the reports so that they are able to plan and organize their elections preparations.

In the meeting the Commissioners took the opportunity to ask questions from the representatives present.

The representatives, including leaders of the 3 parties, acknowledged that there are aspects of the reports that the Electoral Commission cannot take action on as those are matters for Parliament.

Political parties have also requested the FEO to conduct some more trainings on specific aspects of the election process so that they can prepare themselves adequately.

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