Family demands justice after mother dies waiting on ambulance

By: Shanal Sivan


wituriA distraught family in Nausori is demanding answers from the Health Ministry as to why an Ambulance was not made available on time yesterday to transfer their sickly mother to the CWM hospital.

The family is now mourning the loss of their mother and says she would have been alive today had the Ambulance arrived on time.

“The Doctor said the Ambulance was on the way, when it was 7 am I said to them we will take our mother on our own, they said it was not allowed. So we offered them to come with us the nurses, they said no its still not allowed. It was too late, by 9 am my mother had passed away. the doctor was no where to be seen, there was one nurse she was on the her mobile phone, we asked her what happen, she said your mother is no more, we had our vehicle, we could have taken her to CWM.” said son Alvin Kumar

Padma Wati had an Asthma attack yesterday morning and had to be rushed to the Nausori Hospital.

“Very poor service, improve the services, today it happened to my mother in law, it must be happening with others too, it was an emergency, doctors responsibility is to first see the emergency patients then attend to others.” said daughter in law Priya Kumar

Padma’s funeral is on Thursday and the family is now preparing for her burial.

The family is demanding answers, holding our health services culpable.

Questions have been sent to the Health Ministry to clarify what exactly happened and who is responsible for the death of a woman, whom her loved ones say, could have been avoided.

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