Family given eviction notice

By: Halitesh Datt


Screen shot 2015-10-31 at 6.43.37 PMA family of 24 in Uluisila Sigatoka has been forced to dismantle their house and leave after their land lease was not renewed by the land owner.

The family said they couldn’t keep up with the demands by the land owner to get their lease renewed.

One by one, family members of Muni Ratnam Reddy dismantle his house.

Reddy has been living here since 2006.

However now he had been told by his land owner to pack his belongings and leave the place.

” They (land owner) do not want to extend my lease. They told me to give them a car, $300 cash and a bullock. I told them that I am a poor man and can’t afford this. So they told me to vacate the land. said Reddy

Reddy couldn’t hold back his tears while dismantling his house.

He has since then done everything he could to extend the lease.

” I already paid for the application fee for lease. I was told by the TLTB that I will be given the lease once the land owner agrees. The NLTB officials came yesterday only to inform me to vacate the land as some one else is interested in buying this piece of land.” said Reddy

Reddy and his 23 other family members will now be moving into a temporary shelter at his brother’s place.

“Its very sad that we have to leave this place. I paid 25 thousand dollar loan for this piece of land. Today I am left with nothing.”

Reddy is now pleading for assistance from the relevant authorities in this matter.



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