Fijian Elections Office rounds up Recruitment Drive


The Fiji Elections Office is rounding up its recruitment drive for those who wish to part of the team in the next General Election.
Seventeen thousand people is needed by the Elections office for the next Election and those that have registered are requested to attend the training and submit their details.
The recruitment will end on the 26th of the month.
Conducting its last recruitment drive, the Fiji Elections Office is requesting those who wish to be part of the Seventeen thousand personnels over the period of General Election to register and attend training with the Fiji Elections Office.
“The second round of training will happen after this recruitment drive, at the moment we are still short of staff and actually in 62 polling stations we still yet to get any staff applications and now we are evaluating that and we will be conducting direct recruitment in those areas in due course. For those that still wish to work for the Fiji Election Office this is the final round of recruitment after this we may not conduct any further recruitment so if you do not apply you may lose out,” said Mohammed Saneem – Supervisor of Elections.
Saneem is also calling on those that have applied and yet to attend any training, to come to the Fiji Elections office and do so.
“There is also another thousand plus people who have not attended training, i would like to state that we have decided that we would not recruit anybody that have not attended training. So if you cannot attend the training unfortunately we cannot hire you, it is best that you quickly make arrangements with the Fiji Elections office and attend one of the training’s to be able to participate in the next election as a election official.”
Those that have received training and are yet to be paid are urged to walk into the Fiji Elections Office Head Quarters and submit their details.
“We need approximately seventeen thousand staff as of now i cannot exactly tell you haw many people have applied, we can give you the details at a later stage. its more important right now the more than 1000 people that have attended training and have not been paid for them to come and give their details otherwise we will have to find one more thousand on that.”
The Supervisor of Elections is however confident that the Fiji Elections Office will be able to make necessary arrangements to ensure that all polling venues will be adequately staffed come next election.


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