Fiji’s Nadarivatu Hydro Dam nears full power output


nadari22The Fiji Electricity Authority has confirmed that while the Monasavu Hydro Dam is struggling to keep up with power demand, the Nadarivatu Hydro dam on the other hand is faring much better.

Just 16 months after its opening, the $US150 million project is already close to fulfilling its intended maximum power output.

The Nadarivatu Hydro Dam is still forecast to save the country up to $40 million diesel fuel imports a year.

“The feasibility study had said that we should get 100 million unit of electricity from Nadarivatu and last year we got 98.5 million units of electricity from Nadarivatu so it was close to what we expected,” says Fiji Electricity Authority chief executive officer Hasmukh Patel.

While the Nadarivatu Hydro Dam had a good record for the first 3 months of this year the only concern is how long this dry season will last.

“As far as Nadarivatu Hydro Dam is concerned we are not faring too badly. The first 3 months of this month we got about 45 million units of electricity from Nadarivatu but with the dry season we expect the generation out of Nadarivatu to be low on a daily basis,” Patel added.

The Nadarivatu Hydro Dam was opened on January 16th last year.

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