Financial assistance for households to rebuild

By: Dreu Vukailagi


Screen shot 2016-04-30 at 2.18.22 PMMore than 30,000 households will be given financial assistance to rebuild their homes following Tropical Cyclone Winston.

As part of Governments Build Back Better Initiative certain families will be eligible to receive up-to 7 thousand dollars.

As of next Friday affected households will receive electronic cards to help them purchase building materials to rebuild their homes safer and stronger.

The Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation said an assessment was carried out to identify those eligible in 12 priority areas.

“Through this assistance the Ministry of Women Children and Poverty Alleviation will be reaching out to more than 30 thousand families affected all across Fiji,these households now registered in the Master List were identified by the National Disaster Management officials,whose assessment categorised homes either completely or partially destroyed.”

An initial budget of 70 million dollars was set aside by Government to assist these households with an annual income under 50 thousand dollars.

The electronic cards will be credited with a fixed amount for the beneficiaries.

She adds “Homes with partial roofing damage to receive $1,500 homes with complete roof damage qualify to receive $2,000 and homes that have been completely destroyed will receive $7,000.Squatter settlements will also be assisted with $1,000 in funds for partial or complete damage.”

Earlier this month an expressions of interest was put out for hardware outlets to bid for the right to sell these building materials.

“To purchase building materials from approved and registered retailers to encourage competitive pricing from retailers Government has called for Expression of Interest from local hardware retailers to provide fixed prices for items that the Government has identified as essential for the rebuilding process.”she said.

These electronic cards are being provided by Vodafone.

As part of the rebuilding efforts the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation will take the lead in distributing these electronic cards.

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