Get Set

Get Set

Weekdays at 5pm

Get Set Special Segment

This involves items and special presentations that happen in school. It could be events that are organised for e.g. concerts, graduations, special items etc. This airs every Tuesday, Wednesday’s and Thursdays.


Sing-a-longs features every Mondays to Fridays whereby kindergarten tiny tots of a particular school singing their favorite song/kiddy song. The production in-charge of this particular segment calls up kindergartens or different primary schools targeting the class one students. Sets up shoots and accompany cameraman.

Kid’s news

This segment is currently sponsored by Tuckers Ice Cream a product of Goodman Fielder. It airs every once a week every Wednesdays. The segment is a news based segment for children. It covers special events that happen in schools for example, inductions. Teacher’s day, prize giving or special celebrations or events that take place in schools or communities.

Get Set…Get Healthy!

This segment is in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. In this segment they provide us with educational and informative scripts that help create awareness on health related issues. These videos are as simple as how to wash your hands correctly, the importance of a balanced meal and what to do when you sneeze or cough etc. This program airs on Wednesdays.

Get Set Story Time (Dear Aunty Jo/ Celebrity Reading)

This segment is a reading segment. As we work towards promoting the Importance of reading (Drop everything and Read), we provide an example for parents and their children, as reading becomes a nurturing activity that brings them together. Through this segment we would like to help children grasp the fundamentals of language skills being used in schools today and help younger children understand the basic sounds that form language. This segment airs everyday with a variety of readers. Ateca (the host) will read on Mondays and Fridays. Aunty Jo reads on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Ateca reads stories on Mondays and Fridays.

Story time with Aunty Jo


Get Set Birthday Dedications


Get Set School Visit

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