Government boats to assist with transportation services

By: Sofaia Koroitanoa


Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 1.38.28 PMGovernment is willing to assist in the transporting of relief supplies to outer islands.

Apart from commercial shipping services, DISMAC says government boats traveling to outer islands can accommodate some items.

This after the issue of high shipping fares was raised to DISMAC.

“Our commercial boats are on their own runs. For example the Princess Ceva which went to Vanuabalavu. For us if we have this strategic effort with us that we can use to assist those that need on the ground. If they want to for example the people of Vanuabalavu they would like to send some items and there is a boat available through the strategic assistance that we have that can be loaded on the boat. But they have to bring it over and it has to be registered so that we can provide for them but otherwise shipping services continue with their operations and they can also use them,” said Akapusi Tuifagalele, the National Disaster Management Office Director.

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