Growing concerns of increase in suicide cases

By: Filipe Naikaso


636024217934235765164951305_suicideStatistics reveal a steady growth in the number of suicide cases in the country.

In fact, suicide is among the three leading causes of death for those between the ages of 15-24 years.

Every 36 hours a Fijian attempts to take their life.

With this in mind, Lifeline Fiji continues to provide support to people who are in need of help.

The NGO receives at least 30-40 calls a day with majority of the calls regarding suicide.

An average, 124 suicide deaths have been recorded per year in with 630 completed suicides in the last 5 years.

“The need for our existence not only as an NGO to only promote but we need to do an outreach go out there and tell people why your life is so precious..we are also visiting schools where we see there events where children are vulnerable where they would do something so we speak to the parents we speak to the child we speak to the community why not to do such things.” said Lifeline Fiji Chairman Jagdish Chand.

Lifeline Fiji also celebrated their 3 years of existence today.

“It has been a real tough journey but we have enjoyed despite the things that were not aligned with what we wanted to do the main factors was the fund we did  not have to get our work progress however we have a group of hardworking volunteer headed by Arhana Mani who has been a key figure with working with the team and accomplishing our goals.” said Chand.

The government has shown their support towards Lifeline Fiji as they aim to prevent suicides in the country.

“And this is where I would urge all families to provide the very much needed support system rather than having incidents where family members lose lives and you push the blame you start pushing the blame why did this happen who pushed this person to commit suicide so the blame game in all cases must stop we need to have support systems like this but before that the family support systems must be strengthened”. added Minister for Women and Children and Poverty Alleviation Rosy Akbar

The youngest recorded victim of suicide was an 8 year old in 2012 and a 10 year old who committed suicide in the beginning of this year.

Fiji is considered to have one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

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