Hayne latest to hit out at Fiji board

By: Matt Encarnacion


hayneJarryd Hayne has become the latest NRL star to hit out at the Fiji National Rugby League, accusing the national body of stalling the Bati’s bid to join the NSWRL competition next year.

The FNRL has come under fire in recent weeks following revelations it failed to pass on prize money earned from the national team’s semi-final finish in last year’s World Cup.

“Behind the scenes and during the tournament, there were things that were promised to us by the Fijian board that didn’t come about, which a lot of the boys were upset about,” Hayne said.

“Especially the local boys that took time off work or had to give up their jobs to come on tour … that’s what hurt us the most.”

Hayne went on to suggest Fiji officials are standing in the way of a bid led by Petero Civoniceva to include a team in next year’s NSW Cup.

Hayne said it was imperative Fiji follow in the footsteps of Papua New Guinea, who have revelled in the Queensland Cup since their introduction in 2014.

“I know there’s a big push for the NSWRL competition to start a team over there and Petero’s behind that,” Hayne said.

“But there seems to be a bit of friction between the board over there not wanting to go ahead.

“Hopefully they can use a bit of common sense and realise how much it’s going to help young Fijians coming through.

“You see what it’s done to the PNG guys, to expose those guys into that kind of rugby league format. I think it was unbelievable for them. Fiji needs one (team) as well.”

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