Highest cases of dengue in Macuata

By: Mika Loga


Dengue 2The province of Macuata still records the highest number of dengue fever case.

Two incidences of dengue fever is recorded on a daily basis.

The Fiji Center for Communicable Disease Control is closely monitoring the province of Macuata but that is not to say, other areas will be off their radar as numbers still indicate high incidence of dengue around the country.

“Cumulatively there have been moe than 500 cases of dengue so far, 80 to 90% of the cases has ben in Macuata alone” said National Advisor Communicable Diseases Dr Mike Kama.

Dr Kama said most cases have fully recovered but attention is still on new cases reported daily.

“The prevention component of it, without any vaccination or any specific treatment for dengue or chikunguya, the bottom line is to control the vector which is the mosquito”.

Dengue can’t be eradicated according to Dr Kama, but a significant shift in behavior can control the spread of the virus to a level of almost no transmission.

“There’s the element where you have ..usually the human and the virus..so if the bug is a little different and your system doesn’t recognize this, you are in for illness and there’s the environment so there’s three factors”.

The first incidence of dengue was reported in Macuata in January last year.

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