Increase in female students at School of Medicine


medicineCollege of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences has seen an increase in female students entering into its programmes.

Speaking at the new student orientation, CMNHS Dean, Dr William May said historically the institution has been very male dominant.

“But in the last 10 years statistically we have noted that females are now more compared to male students,” he said.

Dr May said last year 70 per cent of the graduates were females out of the 618 students that graduated.

“So more females are enrolling and more females are also completing their studies,” he said.

The College enrolls more than 2500 students per year.

“Our programmes have been very competitive year in year out. We are limited by places not only in the college but also in the hospital and the environment where you will work,” he said.

Riyashni Chand enrolled for Bachelor of Oral Health said her parents always motivated her to do well in high school.

Chand who is from Vutuni Ba said she was excited to be enrolled for the Oral Health programme.

“Becoming a dentist has been my dream since I was in primary school,” she said.

The ex-Xavier College student said more female numbers at CMNHS means girls are working hard and getting good marks.

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