Japanese Government continues ongoing assistance to Fiji


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The Japanese Government today continued their ongoing assistance of 1 point 8 million dollars to Fiji.

The two parties today signed a Memorandum of Agreement, for the assistance in an addition to the 5 point 8 million they had assisted Fiji with, during the after-math of Cyclone Winston.

“Further to that exchange notes later were signed between the Honorable Prime Minister and Ambassador Hanatani on the 9th of March 2017, aligned to the Government of Japan’s economic and social development program. Following that we are very fortunate that another, approximately 1 point 8 million has been extended by the Government of Japan and this is in particular to the areas which were affected  very badly by Cyclone Winston and in particular the sugar cane areas, the belt areas,” said Yogesh Karan, the Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Karan adds the assistance has come at an excellent time, as the crushing season has just started and by the time they receive the equipment, it will just be in time for actual crushing.

“We are going to use these funds to buy excavators, tractors and also some chain saws for the outer islands whereby this fallen trees that we have, these chainsaws will be used to reap these logs into timber so that people can construct their homes. And important for this excavators and tractors this will directly help farmers because the major issues that we have on the effect of climate change is flooding, continuous flooding in the Western Division area, and during the tour of the Prime Minister in January this was for infill drainage.”


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