Kalabu Bridge Closed for 3 weeks to allow for repair








The Kalabu bridge which closed today will take 3 weeks to repair, before it will re-open next month.

Fiji Roads Authority Acting CEO – Robert Sen says, that the 3 week closure period is necessary, to undertake the structural repairs to the bridge.

He adds that the foundation of the bridge is concrete, and once this is poured it will take a number of days to cure, before any traffic can be allowed on it.

Fulton Hogan Hiways together with their sub-contractor – Instant Construction Limited, will be carrying out this structural repair work, that will involve removing and replacing the beams, removing and replacing the wooden planks, and constructing a ga-bion for the existing walls.

Sen says that FRA engineers have identified a large crack on one side of the wing wall in their recent inspection, and have confirmed the need to have the structural repair work accelerated.

Motorists and residents in the area will have to make adjustments to their travel route, and gain access through Tovata Road.

The access is restricted from the Kings Road end.

Sen says that a temporary pedestrian crossing will be constructed for foot traffic, and a bus turning area will also be constructed beside the bridge.

The Kalabu bridge will open again on the 7th of August.

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