Kava drinkers urged not to mix traditional kava sessions with alcohol


KavaKava drinkers in the Pacific region are being urged not to mix traditional kava sessions with alcohol this holiday season.

A researcher from Waikato University, Apo Aporosa, recently visited Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu to gauge reaction to his study funded by New Zealand’s Health Research Council that examines kava and drink driving.

Aporosa said he was advising people to avoid a trend he observed in the Pacific called a ‘wash-down’.

He said this is when people drink alcohol after a traditional kava session, that can last for hours.

Aporosa said that what is unkown is whether or not that washdown process, having that beer or mixing kava and alcohol or whatever, is a safe practice.

He added that more research was needed in this area.

Apo Aporosa also said he is urging people who drink kava in New Zealand that originates from the Pacific to make sure they purchase the product from a reputable trader.

He said in New Zealand it is estimated more than 20,000 people use kava on any given Friday or Saturday night.

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