Leadership documentary to be aired on The Pacific Way in May 2014



interviewing_Anne_KaloA documentary on taking leadership on sensitive issues in the Pacific will be launched next month by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s Regional Rights Resource Team (SPC RRRT) and aired on SPC’s flagship television programme The Pacific Way.

The documentary, which is a partnership of SPC RRRT and the Pacific Leadership Programme, is currently being filmed and edited by the Regional Media Centre of SPC.

Since 2011, SPC RRRT has worked with the Pacific Leadership Programme on two initiatives to assist Pacific islanders in their leadership journey; the University of the South Pacific’s Diploma in Leadership, Governance and Human Rights, and the Legislative Lobbying and Advocacy Project.

‘Through the legislative lobbying project, as well as policy advice, technical support and training services in the past 17 years, SPC RRRT has facilitated leadership development; enabling future leaders to take the first step in responding to sensitive issues such as gender equality, violence against women and children, HIV, disability and climate change in the context of Pacific cultures and the Pacific way of life,’ said Sandra Bernklau, RRRT’s Programme Manager.

The goal of the twenty-four-minute documentary is to increase understanding of SPC RRRT’s work in the region, especially in building leadership. It is based on the partnership with the Pacific Leadership Programme and the activities of the legislative lobbying project and the Diploma in Leadership, Governance and Human Rights, in collaboration with USP.

‘There are numerous stories that must be told and shared as we reflect on these activities. A visual documentary is an excellent way to document these stories of taking leadership in the Pacific on sensitive human rights issues for the purpose of advocating leadership strategies in the region,’ Mrs Bernklau added.

The video will not only be featured on The Pacific Way, but will also be used for training and advocacy purposes. Target audiences include government partners, civil society, regional organisations, community-based organisations, donors, potential leaders and Pacific Island citizens.

Established in 1995, SPC RRRT is the pioneer of human rights training in the Pacific region, working to build a culture of human rights and assisting nation states to commit to, and observe, international human rights standards.

Pacific Way can be viewed on Fiji Television’s free to air channel weekly at 8pm on Mondays.

It can also be viewed on Fiji TV’s Pacific Channel on Sky Pacific.

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