LTA Suspend Heavy Haulage Company

By: Dreu Vukailagi


A heavy haulage company will not be involved in any carting of Dangerous Goods on Fiji roads for a period of 12 months.

This come after the Land Transport Authority found the company guilty of bwailotuareaching the conditions of the Dangerous Goods Permit.

LTA’s decision to suspend the Permit is based on the fact that the company allowed its truck driver to cart hazardous materials knowing full well that he did not hold a valid Dangerous Goods License.

The driver almost caused a catastrophic chemical spill in Wainibuka River when the truck which was carrying a consignment of Sodium Cyanide veered off-road Wailotua on the 1st of this month.

The driver will appear in the LTA Show Cause Hearing on April 27th.

LTA would like to remind the public to respect the laws of the country

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