Malake women qualify as Boat Master


Malake Women 1Nine women of Malake Island, off Rakiraki, were part of a group of 109 youths who received their Boat Master Class 6 licenses last Friday from the Minister for Youth and Sports.
The two-week training was coordinated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in partnership with the Fiji Islands Maritime Safety Administration.
Sainimere Ranovu said that she is overwhelmed with this training and for my Boat Master’s Licence.
Malake Island is home to more than 20 boats and more than 100 young people who depend on marine resources for income.
Sereimi said that she was determined from the first day to get my licence so she can operate a boat from Malake to Rakiraki and also to fish and I am grateful for this opportunity and achievement.
The Ministry of Youth and Sports facilitated this much-needed training for youths on Malake Island since they have been operating boats for many years without training and qualifications.


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