Methodist Easter celebrations – a time to reflect on commitment of members

By: Apisalome Rabo


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.12.52 PMAfter Palm Sunday comes Easter.


A time for any Christian denomination to reflect on its doctrines and reassure the commitment of members.


“I am sure the whole Christian community in Fiji is very focussed on this very special week; holy week for Christians; the Methodist church will have our various church services; lots of churches are having evening worship services; this week also the church a holy week manual or guide which various scripture readings themes…but of course we know some church have already prepared their own,” said Reverend James Bhagwan


Bhagwan says, Easter is all about reflection…

“Easter has two very significant days; good Friday and Easter Sunday; both are important to be taken in totality; on good Friday we recognize the death of Jesus on the cross…his suffering his death for our sins…and that sacrifice that God made to show his love for all the people…and that atoning act ensures salvation through belief in Christ,” he said.

And as the name suggests – Resurrection day is a call to the faithful to live a new life.

“The resurrection of Jesus conquering death conquering all those negative things that he went through shows that life not death has the final say and that good always triumph over evil,” he mentions.

The church calls on members to use Easter as a time to reach out to all people irrespective of religious denomination they belong to.

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