MIDA workshop a success

By: Apisalome Rabo


Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 6.58.22 PMThe recent upskilling of media professionals courtesy of a Media Industry Development Authority constitution workshop could soon reap benefits for the industry.

MIDA chairman Ashwin Raj says it was critical that all media professionals take ownership and familiarize themselves with the constitution if they are to accurately report on its various provisions.

The MIDA chairman says this is also a time when journalists can put the constitution to the test.

Raj also added that an enlightened media is also a responsible one.

It was the first time for such a large number of media professionals to gather together and familiarize themselves on the constitution.

This could just be the start to more specialized training in the future.

Legal consultant Nazhat Shameem says with elections always likely to see politicians debating various issues, knowing the boundaries of free speech is vital.

There are also plans to special media training on the soon to be announced Electoral Decree.

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