More than 700 cases of amputations caused by diabetes recorded last year

By: Filipe Naikaso


National Diabetes Clinic Suva FijiAmputation rates in Fiji continue to rise and those suffering from diabetes have been urged to visit their nearest health facilities to avoid losing a part of their body.

Currently 1 person every 8 hours in Fiji has a limb amputated.

A total of 791 amputations caused by diabetes were recorded last year in Fiji.

According to the data collected by the Ministry’s Health and Information Unit this was an increase from 669 amputations which were recorded in 2015.

This is an alarming rate for a country like Fiji.

It’s a clear indication that there is a need for an alternative measure to contain this avalanche.

It is also necessary for people living with diabetes to take ownership and be actively involved in the management of their health.

Diabetes is caused by four main lifestyle factors: Smoking, poor Nutrition, Alcohol and Physical Inactivity.

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