Mua-i-Walu Crime Prevention Committee Launched


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The Mua-i-Walu Community and stakeholders in Walu Bay today came together to take the step towards keeping their “second home” free from crime.

Today’s Crime Free Board launch began with a march in an effort to set the foundation right for a prosperous and lifelong association between the chosen Board and the Fiji Police Force.

“Today marks the beginning; and following the launch we have our work cut out to ensure that success is achieved by working together. We must also acknowledge with gratitude the timing of the launch of the Board considering how we are nearing the festive season where the Mua-i-Walu area of operation is extremely busy. I referred to this area earlier on as your “second home” due to your busy shipping schedules whereby the demands on your services have you at times foregoing your own family time to ensure others get to their intended destinations to be with theirs.”

SSP Qiolevu stressed that this partnership will also be able to forge other partnerships where the safety of the public can be guaranteed – not only at Mua-i-Walu but also out at sea.

“The partnership will enable us to link up with other stations and posts at the port of calls so that we can send a message that crime is not welcome here at Mua-i-Walu and out at sea! We have been vigorously campaigning the Duavata Community Policing initiative because we cannot fight crime alone. As the Commissioner of Police had stated, we are not trying to pass the buck or shift the responsibility to others, but the reality is that we will not be able to cover every location. There is also the perception that Crime Prevention Committees can only be set up by people living in a community setting.”

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