New airbus arrives in Nadi

By: Gwen Mc Goon


Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 3.36.40 PMThe new Fiji Airways Airbus A330-300 will bring real economic opportunities for Fiji by growing the number of visitors to our shores.

Almost 65 percent of visitors who travel to Fiji fly Fiji Airways.

Proudly carrying the name Island of Rotuma the Airbus A330-300 finally touched down in Nadi today.

And to further honor Rotuma, President Jioji Konrote helped deliver the new plane home–with his son First Officer Andrew Konrote– as part of the crew.

The president in his keynote address hailed the new airbus as opening up economic opportunities for Fiji

This aircraft will bring real economic opportunities for our people,because almost sixty five percent of all visitors who travel to Fiji travel on Fiji Airways.And the more seats we have,and the better our service and overall flight experience,the more we will be able to attract more travelers.We are competing in the premier divison of air travel,and we want to win.Tourism is Fiji’s highest foreign exchange earner,and we are proud to be one of the world’s most sought after destinations.And we have a World-Class Airline to bring more people here to our beloved country.

The new Airbus will give the  tourism industry a huge boost as it depends heavily on air travel.

This automatically translates to an increase in the number of of passengers and an increase in hotel occupancy.It also means sustainability in the tourism industry,more profits,more employment opportunities and happier Fijians.

Being christened after the Island of Rotuma is a proud day for all Rotumans.

Like many other Fijians,or Fijians of Rotuman descent throughout the generations have contributed and continue to contribute proudly to our beloved nation.They are doctors,lawyers,teachers,professors,sports stars,engineers and a part of every facet of our Fijian society.By christening this Airbus after their island,we are honouring their contribution to our Country,We are showing our commitment to the development of the island,just as we are doing to every part of our beloved Country Fiji.I am sure that all Fijians of Rotuman descent will join the rest of the Country in sharing their pride every time they see this aircraft.

The airbus A330-300 will begin its first commercial flights from next month on the short haul routes to Australia and New Zealand before it flies Hong Kong and Los Angeles.







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