NFL stars thought Jarryd Hayne played the All Blacks


NESKangaroos, koalas and the All Blacks.

Those are all from the same place, right?

Speaking for the first time since officially joining the San Francisco 49ers, Jarryd Hayne admitted learning the team’s complex playbook is the biggest challenge he faces, while there’s also the struggle of educating his team-mates about where he comes from.

“A couple of the boys, with snakes, lizards, spiders, there have been a whole bunch of questions about what Australia’s like. I kid around sometimes, kangaroos, koalas, we’re always feeding them,” said the former NRL superstar.

“One of the boys asked me something about Australia today … if we played the All Blacks.

“It’s kagaroos – the deadliest animals we have in Australia – and do we play the same game as the All Blacks.”

Almost none of Hayne’s Niners team-mates have any idea of how famous he is in both Australia and New Zealand but were given some indication by the huge media scrum which gathered around his locker today, which is situated between that of running back Kendall Gaskins and wide receiver Bruce Ellington.

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