No major outbreaks: Health Minister

By: Sofaia Koroitanoa


Usamate 1There have been no outbreaks of major diseases recorded in the aftermath of Tropical cyclone Winston.

This has been confirmed by the Health Minister Jone Usamate as medical teams continue their outreach in affected areas.

Usamate said the teams continue to monitor affected areas.

“We’ve noticed that in the area during this time of the year normally we’re on the watch out for things like dengue and typhoid, leptospirosis and so far the information that has been coming through is that rates at which these diseases are occurring is similar to what we’ve had last year so there’s been no outbreaks and this is showing the work that has been done so far to help communities look after all the things they need to address such as mosquitoes and sanitation” said Usamate

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