PIDF meeting to discuss climate change

By: Gwen McGoon


Screen shot 2015-08-31 at 7.58.33 PMAs the third Pacific Islands Development Forum Leaders Summit gets underway tomorrow, Pacific Island representatives will deliberate on the sustainable and inclusive development of small Pacific Islands.

The summit will look at some issues in the areas of Climate Change.

A commitment area of the third Pacific Islands Development Forum Leaders Summit is climate change.

And after this week’s meeting a proclamation will be formulated and delivered during the 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

“The Paris Climate Conference in late November, early December this summit will come with a declaration that promotes, advocates for Climate issues,climate challenges,climate priorities for a Pacific Island States.That is another key outcome planned for the summit,and we are expecting, we are planning anticipating that leaders will endorse that and for a proclamation on Friday morning,” said PIDF, Interim Secretary General, Amena Yauvoli.

The summit will also witness the appointment of the first permanent Secretary General of the PIDF.

“Part of the agenda is the endorsement of the institutional development and as well as including
the appointment of a new Secretary General to oversee the operations of the Secretariat from where he or she comes on board into the future.”

The summit also aims to establish a trust fund by PIDF Pacific members to support the organisation as well as the implementation of sustainable development activities.

“The trust fund is therefore important because as you know this will be a new creation for the region and we know,as far as I am aware there is no trust fund being created for any organisations in the region,so should the leaders in their wisdom agree for this trust fund to be created I think PIDF will be the first to do that.So its an innovative financing modality that will support the funding and the sustainable funding into the future.”

Earlier today, PIDF leaders held a senior officials committee meeting and also a meeting of the Ministers under the Executive Board.

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