Pocock arrested at mine protest



Highlanders v Brumbies - Super Rugby TrialFormer Australia captain David Pocock has been arrested after chaining himself to a digger along with other activists over the proposed construction of a coalmine in New South Wales.

Pocock and others were arrested after ten hours of protesting at the Maules Creek coalmine in the Leard Forest after ten hours, according to the Leard Forest Alliance. NSW police confirmed the arrest of two men at the mine site where seven others had also been protesting.

“In 2014, to put a coalmine in the middle of a state forest just doesn’t seem to make any sense,” said Pocock. “The local people are not only concerned about the effects of this mine on the climate in the future but also how it affects the water table. When you’re living around the mine, that’s stuff you have to think about.

“I would be doing this regardless of what career I had. It is part of being a human being and taking on the challenges we face as a society. It is about giving back and getting the conversation going.”

Pocock has recently returned to Brumbies training after a second knee reconstruction in as many years.

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