Police concerned on increase in burglary cases








Police are urging homeowners to adopt simple crime prevention measures to avoid becoming possible targets for criminal elements.

It has been confirmed that 40 burglary cases were recorded by Police from the 4 divisions, the highest from the Southern Division with 26 cases, followed by the West with 8 cases, 3 in the East and 3 in the North.

Two aggravated burglary cases were also recorded during this period from the South and Western Division.

Seen here is the list of areas Police have labeled as red zone areas and possible targets for criminals considering the high number of burglary cases recorded in the last 2 weeks.

It has been noted that 25 of the reports of aggravated burglaries and burglary cases were committed in broad daylight where criminals entered the homes by removing louver blades and forced their way inside.

Chief of Operations Assistant Commissioner of Police, Rusiate Tudravu says a 4 percent decrease in overall crime has been recorded from the 1st – 14th of November, and reductions of 69percent in aggravated robberies and 18 percent reduction in burglaries also recorded.

however Police are still concerned with the number of reports received over the last two weeks. Officers are conducting regular patrols and beats on a 24 hour basis.

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