Police officers will not be treated seperately – Qiliho

By: Stella Taoi


sitiveni-qiliho-600x338The Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho says that police officers will not be treated separately from any other citizens.

Qiliho says officers who involve themselves in illegal activities will be caught and will be removed from the force.  This comes with a number of disciplinary actions taken against police officers in the recent weeks.

“There have been a good number of officers that I have removed from the institution, those that have gone on the wrong side of the law. I’ll be writing to the DPP soon because I have about 80 odd cases pending against police officers over the last few years and we are just cross checking a few details. I have discussed it with him and I will be writing to him so that we can bring some closure to those cases. I have referred files to FICAC when it comes to corruption when it comes to corruption we have a number of cases that are with them and there will be more cases being forwarded to them,”  Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho.

Qiliho retreated that the Fiji Police force will not have dirty cops in its institution and also have policies to deal with certain issues.

“There’s our standing operating procedures if they’ve been convicted of any criminal activity. I have made a stand on violence against women and children. If they decide to beat up their wife they are out of the force. Extra marital affairs, there are some policies that we have within that will get them removed from the force and we’ve done that.”

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