Police rugby team conducts community awareness

By: Irfaan Khan


commissioner-of-police-brigadier-general-sitiveni-qiliho-during-a-visit-to-the-teamWhile the focus of the Fiji Police Sukuna Rugby team may be on defending the 2016 ANZ Ratu Sukuna title, they are also taking time to conduct community awareness engagements with villages and communities.

Since marching into camp in Sigatoka last week to prepare for the upcoming challenge against the Republic of Fiji Military Forces at the ANZ Stadium on the 24th of November, the team has also been conducting awareness sessions at various villages.

Through the concept of Policing the Nation Through Sports the team has been conducting community engagements with nearby villages and interest has also been forthcoming from various Turaga ni Koro’s to have the team speak on issues ranging from sexual offences, negligence, issues concerning juveniles and general talanoa sessions.

Over the weekend team marched during the opening of the Adi Nadroga/Navosa Carnival and were allocated time to conduct awareness at the grounds.

The concept of Policing the Nation through sports has been used by various sporting teams representing the Fiji Police Force to conduct awareness particularly amongst youths who have a keen interest in sports such as rugby, soccer and netball.

As earlier stated by the Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho the Police would be going into this year’s tournament as underdogs.

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