Police will be visible on the ground

By: Filipe Naikaso


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-3-58-41-pmDespite a few incidents around the country, the Diwali operation turned out well for the Fiji Police Force.

Officers were out in numbers patrolling the streets to ensure the safety of all citizens.

Minor incidents were recorded during their patrols.

“well our anticipation was for us to provide that enjoyable and quite environment for people to come and enjoy Diwali however having put our present deployment in place and also seeking the assistance of members of the public. Generally it was quite apart from few incidents that happened.” said Fiji Police Force Chief of Operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu.

However the operations will not end here.

“you expect Police officers to be vigilant and we continue our Police mobile patrols and visibility on the ground it will continue throughout the week as we all know that prior to Diwali and after Diwali day there will be firecrackers people still enjoying themselves so we will still maintain that momentum in order for us to continue to provide that safety and security to Members of the public at large.” he added.

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