Preliminary election results released in Kiribati


Preliminary results from the first round of elections in Kiribati show that a government minister Tom Murdoch has lost his seat to former South Tarawa MP Banuera Berina.

The Kiribati Independent reports an opposition MP Tebuai Uaai lost his seat in Tabiteuea South to a former attorney general, Tiitabu Tabane.

Natan Teewe was elected from Abemaama Island after working as the attorney general for the Marshall Islands following his unsuccessful election bid in 2011.

Opposition MP Taaneti Maamau retained his seat in Onotoa.

The former MP for Banaba Island, Waqa Kirite, lost to a former shipyard manager Tibanga Taratai.

MPs Pinto Katia and James Taom from Makin were both re-elected – the latter a member of the opposition and the former a cabinet minister.

Matiota Kairo from Tamana Island was re-elected as were the former minister for communications Rimeta Beniamina and Tauanei Marea, both from Nikunau Island.

According to the Kiribati Independent, election results from South Tarawa and Betio and the Line and Phoenix group are still pending.

A second round of voting will be held in a week in consistencies where no candidate secured a majority.

Source:Radio New Zealand

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